Confidently Stand For God

STAND!  In the face of uncertain circumstances we will reflect the things that we have the most confidence in.  Confidence is the result of having the belief, through repetition, that the results will be favorable to us.  When facing new challenges, it will benefit us all to have established a healthy prayer life.  Prayer is the wonderful opportunity to have a conversation with God about anything.  Prayer, also, helps us to be able to identify the way God is communicating to us.  When we know what He is saying we will know what to do.  Paul and Silas had confidence that the results of prayer and praise would give them what they needed. They did not need to be set free from the jail, they needed the opportunity to share the Gospel for the guard and his family so they can be set free from a life without God.  There are many who we have the same opportunity to help be free, all we have to do is have the confidence in God that is developed through repeated experience with Him.  STAND!