He Never Changes

An old song says that everything must change and that nothing stays the same.  Over time we see that people change, levels of knowledge change, facts change, and abilities change.   What makes this so interesting is the reality that the world and the things that inhabit it are dependent on some things remaining the same.  The solar system depends on the constant pull of gravity.  The seashore depends on the coming and going of the tide. Relationships are built on the sense that there are things that can be depended upon, we call them standards or norms.  The Bible teaches us that one of the attributes of God is that He is immutable, which means that He does not change.  Therefore, we can count on His Love, His Faithfulness, His Power, His Forgiveness and His Grace always being available for us.  If there is going to be a change in your life, shouldn’t you connect to something that can regulate the rest of your life for the good like God through His Son, Jesus.  He will always be there for you because He said so and He never changes.