Set Yourself Free

Have you ever felt that God wanted more from you than you were ready to give?  Could you feel the power of the Holy Spirit drawing you?  Have you ever encountered one of the demons, imps, or evil spirits that the enemy dispatches to keep you from the thing that God has called for you to do?  You know the ones like fear, guilt, insecurity, laziness, or procrastination that have nothing better to do but keep the reward that has been set aside for you away from you.  It is time to rise up and take off the chains that hold us back.  Reclaim the victory that has been given to you by the One who is able to keep you from falling, who can present you without a spot or a wrinkle and remove the doubt that the enemy has planted.  God has a plan that is designed to bless us and it is worth taking the leap of faith required to accomplish it.