Rights and Privileges

Have you ever had a problem identifying what something is?  Maybe you suffer from color blindness and cannot tell the difference between blue and green.  Maybe you are congested and having some difficulty tasting your food because of the relationship between sense of smell and taste.  Could it be that there are times when you believe that the way you see a situation is how it is when it really is not.  There are many who look at the ideas of rights and privileges that way.  When we confuse a privilege for a right the confusion that comes from that can be damaging and destructive.  Understanding that certain things are rights and certain things are privileges helps to improve communication between bosses and employees, husbands and wives, and   parents and children.  Most of all, it helps to improve the relationship between a person and God when we realize that our salvation, which was free, has   given us a right to the tree of life.

Prepare To Bear

Fruit trees are different than vegetables plants.  Fruit trees grow for a number of seasons before they bear fruit.  Vegetable plants bring forth their harvest in the present season.  It is interesting how the Bible often compares us to fruit trees.  Whether it is a vine that is trimmed or a tree that is along the way, God expects us to bear more fruit.  We go through many things to bring us to a point that we can hold up under the stress of fruit bearing.  Life issues, tests, trials, and tribulations strengthen us just as the change of seasons prepare the fruit tree to hold up under the weight of great expectation.  God has promised to not put more on us than we can bear, so we should look to the opportunities that are coming for us to bring nourishment rather than worry about the storms that we are in or are approaching.

He Never Changes

An old song says that everything must change and that nothing stays the same.  Over time we see that people change, levels of knowledge change, facts change, and abilities change.   What makes this so interesting is the reality that the world and the things that inhabit it are dependent on some things remaining the same.  The solar system depends on the constant pull of gravity.  The seashore depends on the coming and going of the tide. Relationships are built on the sense that there are things that can be depended upon, we call them standards or norms.  The Bible teaches us that one of the attributes of God is that He is immutable, which means that He does not change.  Therefore, we can count on His Love, His Faithfulness, His Power, His Forgiveness and His Grace always being available for us.  If there is going to be a change in your life, shouldn’t you connect to something that can regulate the rest of your life for the good like God through His Son, Jesus.  He will always be there for you because He said so and He never changes.

Help At The Crossroads

When others around you accomplish something, we all have the opportunity to decide how we will let it impact us.  The interesting part about that is that the enemy also knows that you are now vulnerable.  Will your eyes or your appetite cause you to be easily turned away from the destiny that God has laid before you or will you remember that God has promised to give you the desire of your heart if you commit to Him, trust in Him and delight yourself in Him.  We all, at some point or another, face this spiritual challenge, which makes it that much more important to have a relationship with God, not just have Him as a casual acquaintance.  When you find yourself at this intersection of life, you will have to do as David did and encourage yourself in Him.  So, sing your favorite song, read your favorite verse, recite it to yourself over and over again, then go out and find someone to help.


Not Abandoned

Let’ Pray

Father, thank You for Your never-failing presence in every aspect of our lives. We count on your promise to never abandon us. Teach us to rest in that truth. Amen!!!