Four Letter Words

Dr. Daryl's Moment of Power
Dr. Daryl's Moment of Power
Four Letter Words

Four Letter Words that God would want us to use and do:

LOVEthe kind that does something in spite of, not because of.

PRAY: about everything, no matter how small or big, it is always good to have a little talk with God.

TALK: so that your conversation would be worthy of the citizenship that you have in Heaven.

HEAR:  what the voice of the Lord is saying to you, not someone else.

WALK: by faith, because if you can see it, that’s not faith.

HOPE: built on nothing less than Jesus’ Blood and His Righteousness. 

REST: if it was good enough for God to do on the seventh day, then who are we to think that we are better than Him.


Take a Break

“ In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it”

 Isaiah 30:15 (NIV)


Dear God, thank You for restoring Your peace and joy to me in time of quietness and rest. Amen!!