Rights and Privileges

Have you ever had a problem identifying what something is?  Maybe you suffer from color blindness and cannot tell the difference between blue and green.  Maybe you are congested and having some difficulty tasting your food because of the relationship between sense of smell and taste.  Could it be that there are times when you believe that the way you see a situation is how it is when it really is not.  There are many who look at the ideas of rights and privileges that way.  When we confuse a privilege for a right the confusion that comes from that can be damaging and destructive.  Understanding that certain things are rights and certain things are privileges helps to improve communication between bosses and employees, husbands and wives, and   parents and children.  Most of all, it helps to improve the relationship between a person and God when we realize that our salvation, which was free, has   given us a right to the tree of life.