Praise Aforethought

Dr. Daryl's Moment of Power
Praise Aforethought

“Malice Aforethought” is a term that is used to represent that there was premeditation in one’s actions.  In other words, it is a fancy way of saying that before an action was taken it was thought about.  This term is frequently used in the legal arena in regards to whether an act was intentional or accidental.  However, there is ample opportunity to consider this in our walk of faith.  The reason that we exist, to bring glory to God, has not changed.  Glorifying Him requires that we have some forethought.  We should be intentional about    establishing a relationship with God.  We should be intentional about telling others about Him and the difference that He has made in our lives.  We should be intentional about how we serve Him.  Our service to Him would be more proactive and rewarding if we were more intentional about it.  Faith declares that we act as if it were already so, rather than acting after it is already done.  Put some Praise Aforethought into the ministry opportunity that God has laid in front.


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