Prepare To Bear

Fruit trees are different than vegetables plants.  Fruit trees grow for a number of seasons before they bear fruit.  Vegetable plants bring forth their harvest in the present season.  It is interesting how the Bible often compares us to fruit trees.  Whether it is a vine that is trimmed or a tree that is along the way, God expects us to bear more fruit.  We go through many things to bring us to a point that we can hold up under the stress of fruit bearing.  Life issues, tests, trials, and tribulations strengthen us just as the change of seasons prepare the fruit tree to hold up under the weight of great expectation.  God has promised to not put more on us than we can bear, so we should look to the opportunities that are coming for us to bring nourishment rather than worry about the storms that we are in or are approaching.

He Never Changes

An old song says that everything must change and that nothing stays the same.  Over time we see that people change, levels of knowledge change, facts change, and abilities change.   What makes this so interesting is the reality that the world and the things that inhabit it are dependent on some things remaining the same.  The solar system depends on the constant pull of gravity.  The seashore depends on the coming and going of the tide. Relationships are built on the sense that there are things that can be depended upon, we call them standards or norms.  The Bible teaches us that one of the attributes of God is that He is immutable, which means that He does not change.  Therefore, we can count on His Love, His Faithfulness, His Power, His Forgiveness and His Grace always being available for us.  If there is going to be a change in your life, shouldn’t you connect to something that can regulate the rest of your life for the good like God through His Son, Jesus.  He will always be there for you because He said so and He never changes.

What God Sees

The hope that brings inspiration also produces dedication to a calling that others often do not understand.  Before there was a heaven or an earth there was a thought within God about us that was uncontaminated by acts of sin.  The beauty in a relationship with God is knowing what He desires for us to be and He will make available to us what we need to become just that, if we choose to.  The child from poverty who becomes a world class neurosurgeon, that’s what God sees.  The child born without limbs but tells of the Good News of Jesus Christ all over the world, that’s what God sees.  The victim of abuse who overcomes it and excels in life to be a voice for the weak, that’s what God sees.  The political prisoner who spends 27 years locked up then becomes president, that’s what God sees.  The people born into slavery who then become leaders and rulers, that’s what God sees.  What does He see when He looks at you?


God is Sovereign

Let’ Pray

Lord, I know that you don’t always use the most qualified person to do Your work. Sometimes You use ordinary people like me, and equip to work in Your harvest. Amen!!