Use The Manual

Dr. Daryl's Moment of Power
Use The Manual

Replace?  Repair?  Renew?  The possessions that we have at some point cause us to have to answer one of these questions.  Replacement gets rid of the old.  Repairing fixes the old.  Renewing means that all the things in the item work but just need to be maintenance.  God was confronted with making these choices in regards to mankind.  He considered replacing us but sent a flood instead.  He considered repairing us but knew we would keep tinkering with His work.  So, He decided that the equipment that He gave us was of the highest quality and He gave us an operators manual to make sure that we maintenance it according to His Specifications.  The Bible is that operator’s manual and it declares that we can be transformed to something better than we have been by getting our mind renewed.  God has given us the capacity to replace our old, carnal nature with a new spiritual one.  We can repair broken relationships with the power of forgiveness.   We fulfill His desires for us by learning and doing His Will.


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